Keep your eye on the ball…clawback!

  Once your body clock re-adjusts after three solid weeks of nocturnal football addiction, you’ll be ready to get your government grant applications sorted. In a football match, the more goals you kick the more chance you have of making it to the next round. Scoring two goals could win you the game. In order


Budget 2014 Update: A Close Shave for R&D Tax

The unveiling of the 2014 budget contains a few surprises for the R&D Tax Incentive. The first part is that it is proposed that from July 1, 2014 the Incentive will be dropped by 1.5%, from 45% to 43.5% for companies under $20 million in aggregated turnover and from 40% to 38.5% for companies with


Will you pass your next audit? Stay on record.

At Innercode, we’re all about making things easier for our clients — before, during and after the process of lodging their R&D claim.  One of the areas of contention in recent discussions around the R&D Tax Incentive Scheme has been the rising number of suspect claims. With increased scrutineering of procedures, companies cannot afford to


Free R&D Assessment

With the news that Atlassian is leaving our shores for the UK, most likely for taxation purposes, we are laying down the challenge to software companies in Australia to improve their tax position, without going overseas. To help, we are providing a free one hour assessment to any Aussie software company or startup who is


Innercode Begins

We are very excited to begin Innercode. We believed that it was finally time that the software & tech industry had their own specialist consultants who are able to obtain the most for them from federal tax and grant programs. We won’t try to be all things to all people. We are dedicated to software

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