ATO more stringent on R&D tax claims: tips to ensure your compliance

  “What you don’t know may actually hurt you!” This is quite true when it comes to compliance. Qualifying for the R&D Tax Incentive program isn’t as simple as sending in some documents or checking items off a list. Don’t get us wrong; it’s one of the best benefits every business involved with R&D should


Don’t be an April Fool: R&D EOFY is upon us

Those of you who are thinking of claiming or wondering if you might be eligible to put forward a claim; the time has never been better than now. This is because End of Financial Year is fast approaching for the R&D tax year. To be able to receive this benefit, all claims need to be


Don’t mention the ‘P’ word

  Mentioning the word patent within the technology community, especially in software can be like bringing up sex, politics or religion at a dinner party. The controversy surrounding patenting continues to spark much debate in software circles, particularly in relation to whether or not patents are a good idea when applied to the software itself.

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